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Products description


The family eConfidence System


  I. eConfidence System™ Enterprise

Version of the program product, designed for work in a corporate environment.

Main functionalities:

o         Maintenance of up-to-date data for the information objects in the DB;

o         Creation packages of documents with uniform crypto processing;

o         Visualization the original content of processed electronic documents;

o         Manage crypto processing of document packages in compliance with the prescriptions (schemes) for implementation of crypto operations;

o         Management of access to the system functionalities and the data in the DB;

o         Manage protected space for processed electronic documents (files) and their copies for interface with other operational environment applications ;

o         Centralized checkup for validity of certificates, including directly into CA or by OCSP request also;

o         Deciphering of encrypted documents by program of the family eConfidence System™;  

o         Visualization of data for digital signatures executed on an electronic document , marking validity of different signatures;

o         Make long-time digital signatures according XAdES specifications;

o         Support logs for events and operator’s activities with possibilities for references ;   

eCS Server

The application server of the system has a 2-layer architecture – a middleware layer for implementation of the logic of the main functionalities and a layer for the basic functions. It performs the following functions:

o         Keeps the data for the information objects in the DB of the eCS DB system up-to-date, as for this purpose it provides interface with Database Management System (DBMS);

o         Controls the access to the “protected” space of the system storage for processed electronic documents (files);

o         Controls the users’ rights to implementation of crypto operations in compliance with the package processing schemes;

o         Implements logic crypto processing logic of document packages;

o         Maintains the system logs for documenting events and operator’s activities ;

o         Makes on-line connection for certificates validation in CA’s CRL directly or by OCSP request;

o       Secrity SSL data exchange with the client modules;  

eCS Actor

The client module implements the user interface for the operator’s work with the system.Functionalities:

o         Controls the user’s rights to access the system functionalities , and manages the work with different GUI forms ;

o         Initiates operation’s implementation ;

o         Implements operations for interface with components of operational system and with applications of operational environment, e.g. with drivers of smartcards;  

II. eConfidence System Lite

The version is implemented as standalone module eCS Protector and meets the requirements for usage by individual customers.

Main functionalities:

o         Generate packages of documents for crypto processing as digital signing and/or enciphering of documents (files) is allowed;

o         Package generation and crypto operations are regarded as an uninterruptible process – without delays in time of steps of the process; creation of a new package is not allowed until the processing of the current package is completed;

o         Maintains only “single user” mode;

o         Maintenance of DB for the main information objects only – data for the certificates and the public keys of addressees of enciphered documents;

o         Visualization original content of processed electronic documents;

o         Visualization data of digital signatures executed on an electronic document with the means of the family eConfidence System, marking the validity of signatures;

o         Checkup for the validity of certificates, including also directly in CRL of CA or by OCSP request;

o   Deciphering of encrypted documents with program means form the family eConfidence System


III. eCS CheckUp

This is an independently executable module, intended for:

o         Checkup validity of digital signatures executed with the means of the family eConfidence System;

o         Visualization of data for digital signatures executed on an electronic document with marking of the validity;

o         Deciphering of electronic documents (files) which have been ciphered with the means of the family eConfidence System;  


eConfidence System is trade mark of Plan C Ltd.
Plan C Ltd. retains the right to amendments the technical parameters described in this booklet without prior notice.


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