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Fleet Management of Vehicle with Information System eTran Manager®


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The main designation of information system eTran Manager® 3.0 is overall encompassing of processes, related to fleet management of vehicle . This is corporate management information system, which combines administrative, technical and accounting-financial information.

The software system addresses wide range of tasks in keeping up-to-date information about vehicles in use, drivers, insurances, roadworthiness tests, planned maintenance and repairs. Managed operational data includes information about course routes, traveling payments in the country and abroad, fuel and oil expenses, tires mileage and expenses, planned or accidental repairs expenses, incomes from the activity, as well as other generalized and analytical information. Various reports are supported.

The information system eTran Manager® can be integrated with other information systems (billing system, GPS, ERP system …), which work in the company and her suppliers.

Common description of information system eTran Manager 3.0

Download a brochure on Information System eTran Manager® 3.0 (PDF)

eTran Manager® is trade mark of Plan C Ltd. Reg. No 98450/21.072017 Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria.

Plan C Ltd. retains the right to amendments the technical parameters described in this booklet without prior notice.

Main Functions

Management of register ‘Vehicles’ –vehicles, trailers, etc. Manages complete information about used vehicles. Connected with other registries and system objects.

Management of register ‘Drivers’. Management of complete file for driver with the necessary information for effective planning and management of transport activity.

Management of register ‘Technical tests and maintenance’. Connected with register ‘Vehicles’, reporting and alerting activity for valid and expiring papers and certificates.

Management of register ‘Insurance policies’. Connected with register ‘Vehicles’, reporting and alerting activity for valid and expiring papers.

Management of register ‘Leasing Contracts’. Connected with register ‘Vehicles’, reporting and alerting activity for valid and expiring papers.

Management of register ‘Tires’. Connected with automobiles, where are assigned, monitoring of state and mileage of every tire. Management and control of the resources.

Management of scanned copies of various documents – insurance policies, certificates, talons, etc. Connected with other registers and objects the document is relevant to.

Management of courses and routes. Management and control of way-bills, connection with made expenses for every course and route. Accounting, control and analysis of the expenses by vehicles, courses, routes, time, drivers. Accounting and control of initial and final kilometers, intermediate stations, mileage with and without load. Accounting and control of used fuel – initial, final quantity and different types of average fuel expenditure. Detection of differences between quantity accounted by the driver and the vehicle computers and tachographs.

Management and control of fuel consumption rates and personal quotas. The system supports different types of rates and quotas for individual vehicle or group of vehicles.

Support of different currencies.

Planning and management of repairs. Planning and management of repairs with possibility of grouping by units and activities and chronological and summarized reports by vehicles, types of repairs, periods and others.

Register 'Expenditures' - precise control and analysis of all costs.

Register 'Incomes' - precise control and analysis of all incomes.

Connection with other information systems. Possible are different types of automated exchanges of information with other information systems. This could be internal systems of the organization – finance and accounting, ERP systems and others. In addition, a connection for automated exchange of information can be made with external systems of suppliers and clients. For example, an automated import of all expenses paid with cards and their distribution by transport vehicles, periods, and courses is realized. On request can be realized connections with other similar systems.

Various reporting activity. Reports with possibility of user to define criteria and templete design (report template generator). Export in various formats – on screen, in formats XLS, CSV, RTF, PDF and others.

Chronological and summarized reports for mileage and fuel efficiency by courses, vehicles and drivers.

Reports with pivot-tables and automatic online generation of graphics.

Summarized and analytical reports by courses, vehicles and drivers for made expenses and realized incomes.

Security system and information access control. Management of Users, Roles, Groups and Access permissions in the system.

System maintenance activities. Management of registers, backup and restore of information.


Information system eTran Manager® is modern software product intended for multiuser, multitask work in network environment.

The system has 3-tiers centralized structure – Data Base server, Application server and Client application for every user workplace. The information is structured in database managed by MS SQL Server RDBMS.

The RDBMS is running on MS Windows platform. Predefined roles, permissions, groups and users are used to control the user access to information resources. Usually users access the information through an internal local network; it is also possible to use remote secured access through VPN or HTTP/HTTPS over the Internet.

Information system eTran Manager 3.0

This distribution of distinct workplaces reflects the functions, nature and features of the activities, specific to every type of workplace. This distinction also reflects the separate roles, used by the system users and their user access permissions and activities. Separation of Roles and Access permissions is modern approach in building information systems, allowing precise definition, protection and control of the access to the system resources.

The system administrator can flexibly define the expert access to given functionality by creating subgroups with restricted rights.

Different levels of access for the distinct groups of users are defined, which enforces restrictions for information access, execution of different types of activities, according to user authority and competency.


Information system eTran Manager® is applicable in every organization with large vehicle fleet – transport, forwarding and construction companies, electricity distribution and water supplies companies, state and regional administration, hospitals, mining industry, stock distributors, service organizations, corporate organizations with multiple branches in the country and large vehicle fleet.

Implementation of information system eTran Manager® brings the following benefits for the organization:

• Easy planning and better control over the operating activity of the vehicle fleet;

• Improved control over the fuel expenses and repairs of every vehicle, of every driver;

• Possible thorough account and analysis of expenses, grouped by different criteria.

• Raise of the responsibility, quality of service and efficiency of the drivers and employees;

• Control and analysis of the efficiency of the payment system and material incentives for the employees.

• Possible direct and remote management audit over employees work involved with vehicle fleet and activity accounting. This is particularly valuable for organizations with developed branch structure and territorial divided units.

• Control and better quality of operative activity of the vehicle fleet of the organization and relations with the customers.

• Quality control and improved accounting of relations with suppliers of fuel, materials, spare parts and services.

• Risen control over adherence to legislation, defining operative activity of the vehicle fleet – presence and validity of vignettes, insurances, periodical technical checks deadlines, letters of attorney and others;

• Management of various structured information and applied originals of primary documents in electronic format.

• Automated import of information for made expenses by drivers using cards from specialized payment systems (Shell, OMV, Lukoil …).

• Possibility for making various reports and analysis.

Technical requirements

Operational environment:

Server: MS Windows Server 2008 or higher version, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 10

RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2008 or higher version.

Workplaces: MS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 10


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