eTran Manager® - information system for effective fleet management


The main designation of information system eTran Manager® is overall encompassing of processes, related to fleet management of vehicle . This is corporate management information system, which combines administrative, technical and accounting-financial information.

The information system eTran Manager® helps to significantly reduce costs through improved control and management, through effective analysis and planning. The system ensures the observance of the current normative base, regulating these activities.

The software system addresses wide range of tasks in keeping up-to-date information about vehicles in use, drivers, insurances, roadworthiness tests, planned maintenance and repairs. Managed operational data includes information about course routes, traveling payments in the country and abroad, fuel and oil expenses, tires mileage and expenses, planned or accidental repairs expenses, incomes from the activity, as well as other generalized and analytical information. A variety of reports are supported, with criteria that are flexibly set by users. The information about the maintained information objects is interconnected and allows various in-depth analyzes, optimization and planning of the expenses by cars, structural units, for periods, types of expenses, etc.


The information system eTran Manager® is especially valuable for corporate clients with a big branch structure - large companies and organizations from the state administration. Analyzes and planning can be done at the level of department, directorate, territorial office, subsidiary and group of companies.

The information system eTran Manager® can be integrated with other information systems (billing system, GPS, ERP system …), which work in the company and her suppliers (eg suppliers of fuels and lubricants, garages, spare parts and services).

The system meets the high requirements typical of the corporate environment:

  • Taking into account the peculiarities of the work of large, territorially distributed organizational structures with a large fleet and numerous employees;
  • Reliable operation even at high system load, possibility for scalability of the system;
  • Open system model, adaptability. Rich possibilities for settings of operating, technological environment and of the operational characteristics of the program system. Possibilities for the application of different technological schemes, specific for the organization. Flexible definition of tree classifiers and nomenclatures;
  • Easy operation, user convenience in a familiar Windows environment;
  • Security, protection, traceability of events and actions of users with the possibility of accurate audit;
  • Flexible definition of users, rights, roles. Awareness and access to functionality according to its roles;
  • Various reports, according to the role and rights of users.

20210918 pdf Download of the Enterprise Information System eTran Manager® brochure

eTran Manager® is trade mark of "Plan C" Ltd. Reg. No 98450/21.072017 Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria.

"Plan C" Ltd. retains the right to amendments the described technical parameters without prior notice.

Main functions
  • Management of register "Vehicles" – vehicles, trailers, etc.

Manages complete information about used vehicles. Connected with other registries and system objects.

  • Management of register "Drivers".

Management of complete file for driver with the necessary information for effective planning and management of transport activity.

  • Management of register "Tires".

Connected with automobiles, where are assigned, monitoring of state and mileage of every tire. Management and control of the resources. Various reports on the current status, mileage, installation and dismantling of each tire.

  • Management of register "Technical tests and maintenance".

Connected with register ‘Vehicles’, reporting and alerting activity for valid and expiring papers and certificates.

  • Management of register "Insurance policies".

Connected with register "Vehicles" for the different types of insurance, payments, supplements and damages. Signaling activity for expired insurances, schedules for payments and insurance damages. Various reports on policies and damages.

  • Management of register "Leasing Contracts".

Connected with register "Vehicles" for different types of leases (including rent). Signaling activity for leasing contracts with expiring term, payment schedules. Various reports on contracts and payments.

  • Management of register "Employee Time and Absences".

Management of all employees' information about actual time worked, absences from work and their reasons. Analysis of employees' working hours based on information from the entered travel papers. A built-in option for automated creation of records for the time worked, taking into account weekends and public holidays. Ability to import information from human resource management systems and HR management systems, from access control and working time control systems. Varieties of reports are built in, incl. and Report Form 76.

  • Management of scanned copies of various documents – insurance policies, certificates, talons, etc.

Connected with other registers and objects the document is relevant to.

  • Operating costs.

Full description of costs with opportunities for various grouping of costs by vehicles, chronologically, by types ... Working with different currencies and exchange rates.

  • Revenues from transport and construction activities, profitability analysis.

Full description of revenues with opportunities for various grouping of expenses by vehicles, chronologically, by types, sites, customers ... Working with different currencies and exchange rates.

  • Management of courses and routes.

Management and control of waybills, links with the costs incurred for each waybill. Reporting, control and analysis of costs by vehicles, courses, routes, time, by drivers, by structural units. Reporting and control of start, end kilometers, intermediate points, kilometers traveled with and without cargo. Reporting and control of fuel consumption - initial, final quantities, different types of average fuel costs. Detection of differences between the driver's report, standard costs and the readings of the on-board computers / GPS system. Reporting of all expenses on waybills - fuel, various fees, repairs ...

  • Management of fuel consumption norms and limits.

Ability to define different fuel consumption norms and limits that apply to a specific vehicle or group of vehicles. Opportunities for reporting and analysis of compliance with fuel consumption norms and limits.

  • Repair planning and management.

Planning and management of repairs with the possibility of grouping by units and activities and chronological and summary reports by vehicles, groups of repairs, periods, etc. Possibilities for planning the repair activity for a specific vehicle or group of vehicles. Signaling activity for upcoming and overdue planned technical events.

  • Work with different currencies and exchange rates.
  • Connection with other information systems.

Different types of automated information exchanges with other information systems are possible. These can be internal systems of the organization - financial and accounting, ERP systems and others. A connection for automated exchange of information with external systems of suppliers and customers can also be made - for example, automatic charging of all costs paid with cashless payment cards from gas station chains (OMV, Shell, Petrol, Lukoil…), their distribution by means of transport, periods, courses. Connections to other similar systems can be made on request.

  • Various reports.

Reports with possibility of user to define criteria and templete design (report template generator). Export in various formats – on screen, in formats XLS, CSV, RTF, PDF and others.

Chronological and summarized reports for mileage and fuel efficiency by courses, vehicles and drivers.

Reports with pivot-tables and automatic online generation of graphics.

Summarized and analytical reports by courses, vehicles and drivers for made expenses and realized incomes.

  • Security system and information access control.

Management of Users, Roles, Groups and Access permissions in the system.

  • System maintenance activities.

Management of registers, backup and restore of information.


Information system eTran Manager® is modern software product intended for multiuser, multitask work in network environment.

The system has 3-tiers centralized structure – Data Base server, Application server and Client application for every user workplace, which is installed once on each user's computer..

The information is structured in database managed by MS SQL Server RDBMS.

The RDBMS is running on MS Windows platform.

Predefined roles, permissions, groups and users are used to control the user access to information resources. Usually users access the information through an internal local network; it is also possible to use remote secured access through VPN or HTTP/HTTPS over the Internet.


The information system eTran Manager® consists of the following main components:

  • Client application.

A client application is installed on them once. Possibilities for automatic updating of the client application without the intervention of a system administrator are provided. Depending on the rights and access by functionality, Job Types are predefined and related Roles - e.g. "Financial and accounting expert", "Administrative and technical expert", "Manager", "System administrator" ...

  • Application Server.
  • MS SQL Server RDBMS.

The division by defining the individual types of jobs reflects the functions, nature and features of the activities performed, specific to the respective type of job. This division also reflects the individual Roles, which include the individual users of the system and the related Rights to access information and activities performed. The division of Roles and Rights is a modern approach in the construction of information systems, which allows precise definition, protection and control of access to system resources.

The system administrator can flexibly refine the access of experts to certain functionality and objects by additional precise definition.

Different levels of access are defined for the different types of users, which impose restrictions on the work with the data, the implementation of the different types of activities, according to their rights and competence.

Scope of application, benefits from the implementation of eTran Manager®

The information system eTran Manager® is applicable in any organization with a large fleet. It is especially useful in companies with a big branch structure: state and municipal administration, transport, forwarding companies, construction companies, electricity and water companies, hospitals, companies in the mining and mining industry, distribution companies, service organizations, corporate organizations with many branches in the country and a large vehicle fleet.

Benefits of implementing of the information system eTran Manager®:

  • Simplified planning and increased control over the operational activities of the vehicle fleet;
  • Improved control of fuel costs and repairs of each car by each driver, as well as compliance with fuel consumption norms and limits;
  • Opportunity for in-depth reports and analyzes of revenues and expenditures, grouped by different criteria;
    Analysis of the quality of work and efficiency of equipment and car drivers;
  • Opportunity for direct and remote audit by the management on the work of the employees engaged in the fleet and the reporting of the activities;
  • Control and improvement of the quality of the operational activity of the vehicle fleet of the organization and the relations with the clients;
  • Quality control and improved accountability in relationships with suppliers of fuel, materials, spare parts and services;
  • Increased control over the observance of the normative base, regulating the operative activity of the car park - presence and validity of vignettes, insurances, terms for periodical technical inspections, powers of attorney and others;
  • Work with a variety of structured information, as well as with attached copies of primary documents in electronic form.
Technical requirements

Operating environment

Server: MS Windows Server 2016 or later.
DBMS: MS SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition or later.
Workplaces: MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 10, MS Windows 11.

Communication environment for each workplace

Local area network / Internet: speed at least 1Mbps. Recommended speed - 15 Mbps or higher.
The speed required varies according to the number of users, the size of the database, the number and complexity of user requests, and so on.
Allowed TCP / UDP access on ports 80/443 and 1947 is required.

Types of hosting

The following options for hosting the central system are possible:

  1. The maintenance and hosting of the central system is performed on a virtual server provided by "Plan C" Ltd.

The virtual server is located in a certified data center with the relevant reserved servers, communication channels, power supply and has the following main characteristics:

  • Multi-core virtual server, with memory and disk space, ensuring trouble-free operation of the system;
    Windows Server Standard x64 installed and configured;

  • MS SQL Server installed and configured;

  • Installed suitable for the operation of the information system eTran Manager® server certificate and configured domain name on which the application server of the system works;

  • Snapshots on the virtual machine;

  • Entry point for network connectivity of the server on a high-speed route

  • System administration of the described virtual server and installation of the appropriate updates of the operating system and DBMS;

  • Restoration of the system's operability and data based on the backup copy of the server in case of a possible failure of the virtual server.

  1. The maintenance and hosting of the central system is performed on a real or virtual server provided by the client.

In this case, the customer must provide the appropriate technical parameters of the equipment and communication connectivity, as well as the appropriate mechanisms for backup and recovery in case of emergency.


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