Software system for alerting of critical events eCEMAS


The application software system eCEMAS (eConfidence Events Monitoring and Alerting System) is directed to a specific aspect of the IT security – increase in the efficiency of technical maintenance in the exploitation process. The system is a representative of the eConfidence System family group.

Identification of occurring controlled events in the IT resources, their evaluation and relevant reaction shall be essential for the technical support efficiency.

For limited options for direct monitoring by a competent technical expert at any moment, the problem of timely alerting of occurring events, regardless of time and location of the operation personnel, is quintessential. The solution of this problem is the essential designation of eCEMAS.

The alerting of the officially authorized personnel shall be executed on the grounds of the occurring events, the categorization of the situation and the responsibilities of the operation and management personnel as regard to the set policy by sending SMS messages and/or e-mails.

Structure and interaction with the environment


The specialized software of the majority of IT resources (technical devices such as UPS, network resource monitoring systems, specialized security software, etc.) implement a function to send e-mail to a specified (generally an official) e-mail address in case of occurrence of all monitored events. The eCEMAS maintenance resources analyze the received electronic messages and generate and send information message to a GSM subscriber part of a public mobile network or to the personal e-mail of an expert employee according to a user-defined system.

Extensive options for implementation of the alerting system have been stipulated, depending on the operation organization – instant messaging, notification in predetermined time, alerting to a specified person or a group of experts, sending a message to GSM and/or e-mail address, etc. Data for the identified mail messages for controlled critical events in the IT resources and the sent notification messages shall be stored in the application system database with the purpose of subsequent analysis of the situations and organization of the operation technical support. The functional structure of the application software system shall allow plug-in of specialized service software for registration of monitored events, the data for which shall be obtained not only through e-mail.

Such an example can be signals for conclusion of the modules (stages) of discrete processes – continuous laboratory research, observations, emergency situations in case of fire, calamities, burglary, etc.

Main functions

The eCEMAS system solves the following general range of problems:

  • Maintenance of data for operation personnel to be informed in case of occurrence of monitored events.
  • Flexible definition of rules for classification of controlled events and actions undertaken upon their occurrence.
  • Options to define actions depending on the operation time, option for temporary removal by SMS notification to an expert or occurred event.
  • Processing of received event messages for occurring controlled events in compliance with the assigned response policy.
  • Collection, processing, storage and sending for analysis of formalized data for occurring monitored events:
    • standardization of input data flows;
    • event classification depending on importance, processing priority, relation (for notification);
    • registration of the system reactions as a result of processing received messages for occurred controllable events;
  • Quick and reliable notification of occurring events by sending SMS and/or e-mail according to the defined rules for classification of events and undertaken actions.
  • Execution of references for the data objects of the system:
    • Monitored systems and controlled events, reaction of eCEMAS in case of event occurrence;
    • Operation personnel to be notified for the various categories and specific events. Responsibilities of a specific expert – receiving notifications in case of occurrence of controlled events;
    • Occurring controlled events and system reactions (notified addressees) – selection according to the monitored system and controlled event category, notified operation personnel, for a specific period.
Application field

 The eCEMAS system shall be applicable in a corporate environment in case of availability of various information and production systems, where the personnel shall quickly and reliable receive data for an occurred critical event, requiring immediate actions to be undertaken.

Technical parameters

DBMS: MS SQL Server 2012 (all editions) or later version.

Operation system: MS Windows Server 2012 ot later version, MS Windows XP Pro, MS Windows 7, MS Windows 10, MS Windows 11.

Installation is feasible for a single computer system (scale-up) and for separate components for a specified machine (scale-out).


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