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Easy Project is based on WBS, Gantt Chart, Agile Methodologies, EVM and other best PM practices. It is compatible with modules for Resources, Finances, Help Desk and CRM. Other great plugins are coming soon.

Easy Redmine is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade. Combination of new mobile design with most the wanted plugins & features will make your project management more enjoyable, improve communication, user experience and save your time. It is further extensible with plugins for Resources, Agile, Finances, CRM, Help Desk and newly also DevOps.

Scope of application

  • The information system Easy Project/Easy Redmine is applicable in different types of organizations:
  • In companies implementing projects for development, implementation, maintenance of various systems and products in various sectors - energy, manufacturing, public administration, information technology, communications, technology, industry, education and more.
  • In organizations that implement projects with many participants or together with subcontractors who work in different, geographically remote offices.
  • The information system is particularly suitable for project management under international programs with European funding with participants from many countries.
  • In organizations using quality management and project management systems, certified according to the relevant international standards.

Implementation and maintenance

The teams of Easy Software and "Plan C" Ltd. provide professional services - implementation, consulting, support, training, regular webinars.


20210918 pdf Brochure about Information system for effective Project Management Easy Project


"Plan C" Ltd. is an Easy Software Silver Partner  logo es silver partner w40

Easy Project and Easy Redmine covers these management areas


Project Management

20210330 easyproject projectmanagement

WBS • Gantt Chart • Earned Value • Baselines • Quick Project Planner

With Easy Software systems, you have a tool for every stage of the project management cycle. You can easily define, plan, and control your project using WBS and a Gantt chart. Keep your project on track with time and task tracking features and evaluate performance with various reporting tools.

Portfolio Management

20210330 easyproject portfoliomanagement

Portfolio Statements • Portfolio Gantt • Portfolio Trees

True mastery of project management lies in successful organization and the delivery of a project portfolio. Easy Project and Easy Redmine can help you plan projects in a centralized manner, see an overview of the project’s performance, and generate statements on spent resources, time, and budget.

Agile - Kanban and Scrum

20210330 easyproject agilemanagement

Kanban Board • Scrum • Burndown Chart • Backlogs

If your projects require flexibility, then Agile management is for you. Easy Project and Easy Redmine provide a solution applicable for Scrum, Kanban, and mixed methods. Agile management promotes close collaboration and quick adaptation, even at the later stages of project, to ensure client satisfaction.

Time Tracking

20210330 easyproject timetracking

Time tracking and reporting • Timesheets • Stopwatch

Time tracking and reporting is the key to efficient time management and planning. It allows employees to efficiently utilize and report their time, and managers can monitor spent time and use it as a reference for future project planning.

Workflow Management

20210330 easyproject workflow

Task Tracking • Time Tracking • Workflows • Checklists • Calendars

Work management tools prevent inefficiencies and ensure proper communication and performance management. Thanks to well-integrated task and time tracking features, your team members will always be on the same page and aware of what needs to be done.

Project Controlling & Reporting

20210330 easyproject controlling

Reporting tools - graphs & charts • Earned Value Management • Burndown Chart

These tools will give you insight into how well your projects run over time. Controlling and reporting techniques include project plan monitoring, project budget monitoring, monitoring through project status/stage reporting and monitoring carried at different levels by the project team.

Project Templates

20210330 easyproject templates

Production • Strategic Project • Product Development • HR Project • Back Office

Easy Project and Easy Redmine offers you a set of professional templates that will help you to bring your project planning and execution to a whole new level. Based on best management practices and knowledge of our experts from various industries, professional templates will save you time and provide a concrete project planning backbone.

Personal Dashboards
20210330 easyproject dashboard

Project Manager • Project Team Member • Team Leader • Portfolio Manager • Scrum Master • CEO

Address the needs of multiple users and optimize the flow of daily processes with Personal Dashboards and a portfolio of preset dashboards for typical company roles, such as project managers, support workers, sales reps, and more.


All project management features in one application!

Full featured project management for all your needs!
There are 4 base variants - Essential, Business, Platform, Enterprise:



Project Management

- WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
- Gantt Chart
- Baselines
- Critical Project Path
- Quick Project Planner
- Project Documents
- Project Milestones

Time Tracking

- Time Tracking and Reporting
- Timesheets
- Stopwatch

Portfolio Management

- Portfolio Statements
- Gantt Chart
- Portfolio Trees



Work Management

- Task Tracking
- Workflow
- Checklists
- Calendars & Integrations
- Activity Feed
- Online audio/video meetings
- Team chat
- Organization Structure
- Business Dashboard

Project Controlling & Reporting

- Reporting tools – graphs & charts
- Earned Value Management
- Burndown Chart for smooth
sprint commitment


Agile – Kanban & Scrum

- Kanban Board
- Scrum Board
- Backlogs and sprints
- Agile reports
- Scrum Master Dashboard

Project Templates

- Production Templates
- Strategic Project Templates
- Product Development Templates
- HR Projects Templates
- Back Office Project Templates

Personal Dashboards

- Dashboards for all project roles
and management levels


It contains everything as a Essentials and in addition:

Resource management

- Resource Management
- Scheduler
- Attendance Management
- Outlook & calendars integration

Finance management

- Finance Management
- Projects Budgets with CBS
- Financial Statements

Risk Management

- Risk Lifecycle Management
- Project & global Risk Register
- Project & global Risk dashboards
- Risk Analysis & matrix


It contains everything as a Business and in addition:

CRM, Help desk & Documents

- CRM & Contacts
- Help Desk
- Knowledge Base & DMS


It contains everything as a Platform and in addition:


- 99.9% cloud uptime SLA
- Custom SLA
- Custom domain
- All-scale implementation projects


- Git CI integration
- GitLab hosting
- Test Cases
- Requirements
- Diagrams


Easy Project and Easy Redmine
are integrated with
other software systems for your
easy onboarding:

- MS Outlook
- MS Excel
- MS Project
- Jira Software
- Asana
- Trello
- Redmine


20210918 network 650
Deployment of Easy Project

Easy Project offers all the latest deployment methods. The most popular, fastest and easiest way is to deploy Easy Project in the cloud, and there is a private cloud option for increased security, performance and stability, and the latest solution is deploying on your own server.


About Easy Project Private Cloud

The private cloud is designed for clients who need the top security, speed, and availability of Easy Project. The private cloud provides clients with features of their own dedicated server while saving their internal IT resources. It is always deployed in closest geolocation for maximum connectivity and speed.


About Easy Project Global Cloud

Easy Project cloud is the best solution for your Easy Project hosting. 10+ sites across the globe ensure the best connectivity and performance. The cloud includes the newest Easy Project version for highest user experience and the best project management.


About Easy Project Private Server

The server solution is designed for your own server (you host the software). By purchasing this solution you obtain installable software + the source code. The server solution includes three months of free updates. Updates are available for download in the client zone, to which you obtain access after the purchase. Further updates are paid.


Implementation and support

The teams of Easy Software and Plan C Ltd. are here to provide you with professional services – consultations, presentations, implementation, support, regular webinars and e-learning.



"Plan C" Ltd. is an Easy Software Silver Partner  logo es silver partner w40


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