Help desk system

information system
for technical support and complaints

Key features of the Help desk system

The help desk system meets the high requirements typical of the corporate environment:

Receive technical support requests from customers

Customers can submit tickets even without logging in - they just need to fill in their name and email address. After successfully submitting the information, an account is automatically created for them and credentials are sent to the email address provided.

Personal dashboard

Each user has a personal page where he has quick access to all his customer support activities. Through this dashboard, the user can add new alerts, search and view their own alerts, or search the knowledge base. The dashboard can also be used by members of the service teams.

Information security

In the Help-desk system, special measures have been taken to control access to information and the functionality of the system, based on the modern principles of users-rights-roles. The system has built-in modules for increased protection against various types of hacker attacks - e.g. "brute force" attacks, execution of malicious SQL, PHP, HTML scripts, etc. The connection to the system is made over HTTPS.

Tools for creating electronic alert forms

Various types of fields can be set in the reporting forms - e.g. date, number, text, drop-down list with selection of predefined values, etc. These fields can be tied to the type of alert or to the department to which they are assigned, so that they best reflect the specifics and technical information needed to troubleshoot the problem. Each department can have its own set of custom fields.

Defining different user roles

In the Help-desk system, different roles can be defined and the rights associated with each role to perform certain actions in the service and management of tickets submitted by customers. Each service specialist is assigned the role he performs in the workflow.

Dashboard with reports

In order to analyze technical support activities and customer satisfaction, a module with various types of reports with tables and graphs is built into the system. Information on each report can be filtered by various criteria using the built-in filters. Information is available only to users with the appropriate rights.

Setting up email messages

Upon occurrence of any of 13 predefined events in the processing of any alert, an email is automatically created, according to a predefined template, and sent to the users related to that event. Certain messages are sent to the customer, others to support team members. The text of the e-mail can be in the relevant language preferred by the user for working with the Help-desk system.

Easy ticket management

Tickets can be managed from a user part with controlled access as well as from an administrative part. Filters can also be created for custom ticket searches by various criteria and saved for later repeated use. Submitted tickets can be assigned to individual service team members or, if necessary, to subcontractors, by a dispatcher or automatically by the system.

Setting ticket priorities and states

According to the needs in the Help-desk system, different statuses and priorities can be further defined for the submitted tickets. By default, their values are: three types of priorities (low, normal, high), as well as three types of statuses (open, held, closed).

Multilingual support

The Help desk system is a modern web-based system, whose user interface supports dozens of languages, including Bulgarian. All elements of the Хelp desk system can be configured so that each user works with the user interface valid for their preferred language. Multilingual support is also provided for emails.

Integrated knowledge base

The knowledge base is a place to store various articles - for example, answers to frequently asked questions or solutions to some technical problems. It is searchable from the Personal Dashboard. Articles are grouped into categories/subcategories. They can be publicly accessible or accessible only to members of the support teams. Ticket transformation rules can be set in a knowledge base article.

Customer satisfaction tracking

Once a ticket is marked as closed, customers can evaluate the actions of the respective service professionals involved with the specific ticket. Customers can close or reopen their own alerts. There is also a history log file assigned to each ticket - this way, customer and service professionals can effectively track the actions of the customer, with the times of occurrence of each event.


The Help desk system consists of 3 sections:

  • User section with free access for all users/visitors;
  • User section with controlled access only for users/visitors registered by the administrator to information for internal use and to extended functionality of the site;
  • Administrative section with controlled access only to authorized users with appropriate rights to create and manage content and system administration.

The web design is responsive, self-adjusting and allows convenient and efficient work with the help desk system from a variety of devices - computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Users can use the system under different operating systems (MS Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Android, iOS) through a standard browser (the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome is recommended).


There are two hosting options available:

  • The maintenance and hosting of the central system is carried out on a shared or individual virtual server provided by Plan C Ltd. The virtual server is located in a certified data center with the corresponding reserved servers, communication channels, power supply.
  • The maintenance and hosting of the central system is done on a real or virtual server provided by the customer. In this option, the customer must provide the relevant technical parameters of the equipment and communication connectivity, as well as the relevant backup and recovery mechanisms in case of an emergency.


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