Dell computer equipment and specialized HID Global information security products

"Plan C" Ltd. is an authorized partner of the American company HID Global - a world leader in the field of products and systems for information security and access control. Various models of HID Crescendo smart cards, HID OMNIKEY smart card readers, HID DigitalPersona fingerprint readers are available.
"Plan C" Ltd. is an authorized partner of the American company Dell Technologies - a world leader in the production of computer equipment, data storage systems and system integration. The full range of Dell laptops, desktops, monitors, servers and other equipment is available.

HID OMNIKEY 3021 USB smart card reader

HID OMNIKEY smart card readers

The full range readers for of contact smart card contactless smart cards that operate at 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz is available . HID OMNIKEY dual interfaces readers for working with different types of contact and contactless smart cards allow to build integrated systems for controlling physical and logical access to IT resources.

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Четец на смарт карти HID OMNIKEY 3021 USB

HID Crescendo smart cards

Crescendo® Smart Cards provide organizations with seamless and secure employee authentication. Through a Zero Trust security architecture, Crescendo smart cards can be used as corporate badges to control access to facilities and digital corporate resources.

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HID DigitalPersona fingerprint reader
HID DigitalPersona fingerprint readers

HID DigitalPersona optical USB fingerprint readers are built on the basis of special algorithms for reliable reading and processing of fingerprints. Built-in technologies for reliable encryption and effective protection against fake fingerprints. The readers are compact in size and can work in hard environments.

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Dell computer
Dell computers and Dell servers

Dell laptops, desktops, monitors, servers are the benchmark for quality and reliability. Superior technical parameters, favorable prices for the customer, excellent technical and service support during the entire life cycle of equipment are just some of the reasons to choose Dell.

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